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Chaptered: Of Blue Shades and Fairy Godfathers, 1/?? (Super Junior)

Of Blue Shades and Fairy Godfathers
Rating: PG-13, maybe more later?
Genre: General/Romance? I don’t know.
Length: Chaptered. This part: 2,338 words
Pairings: QMi and more later.
Summary: Kyuhyun doubts himself and Zhou Mi is his Fairy Godfather.
A/N: I finally got to a point where I could cut it off for the next part. ^^; If you’ve ever read the short story “Am I Blue?” you’ll notice this is based off it. Written because Melvin SCREAMED Zhou Mi to me. And Vince was so snarky that he had to be Kyu. ^^; My mind, what is it?

Zhou Mi liked to bother Leeteuk, the head angel, about seeing if his idea (more of a want, really) would work.

“Teukie, can you please just ask?”

“I’m sorry, Zhou Mi. I can’t. Not that I don’t like the idea, but I don’t think-“

“But I want to be a fairy Godfather!” he pouted, looking like an abused puppy. “I even researched everything and found the perfect human to help!”

Zhou Mi waved his hand and a poof of clouds parted, showing a young man in his room, playing video games and yelling at the screen.

“Zhou Mi?”

“Yes?!” He smiled, hope shining in his eyes.

“Is this the ‘perfect human’?”


“The one who is having issues being gay?”


“The one… We’d be helping?”

“Exactly!” Zhou Mi’s smile was stretched wide. “I’m so happy you see it, too. So-”

“Zhou Mi, he looks fine to me,” Leeteuk deadpanned.

“Is your gaydar on?” Zhou Mi asked in a serious tone. Leeteuk shook his head slowly. “Turn it on, then.”

Leeteuk did so, and when he ignored the dazzling robin’s egg blue gleam that emitted off Zhou Mi, he focused on the human. The boy had stopped playing video games and was now rushing through homework.

What shocked Leeteuk was the bright sapphire blue coming off the boy. Not a tint, but a full glow.

“Oh, wow,” Leeteuk mumbled, and he looked at Zhou Mi. “I’ll see what I can do to help you.”

Zhou Mi beamed gratefully at the head angel. “Thank you so much.”

“However… you know the rules when interacting with a human. Don’t-”

“I know the rules well. We all know what happened to Ryeowook.”

Leeteuk shook his head sadly. “We can’t let that happen again.”


Kyuhyun left his last class as quickly as he could. People were brutal to him, calling him things he wasn’t. Or that he could be. He wasn’t entirely sure.

But either way, it was only because he sang all of his school’s choir solos. His teacher always praised his voice, telling him it was nothing to be ashamed of. Kyuhyun doubted that a lot. Mostly when he was being harassed.

Stupid voice. Stupid talents. Stupid school- Kyuhyun was shoved into a locker by a passing student. …Stupid people.

He made it to his own locker in one piece, grabbing his things before anyone could notice him.

Why can’t I just be home schooled? I could play video games all day, there’d be no gym. It’s perfect.

He was outside now, feet away from being off school grounds. Then he took notice of the puddles scattered on the ground and sighed.


“Hey, faggot!” Kyuhyun was shoved into one of the larger, deeper, and naturally fuller puddles. His uniform and bag were now completely soaked.

One of the bulky upperclassmen stood over him, laughing. “Hope that’ll teach you!”

And with that, he ran off, giving high fives to his friends and leaving Kyuhyun with the mess.

“Oh my goodness! Here, let me help you!” exclaimed an accented voice. Kyuhyun looked up to see…

One of the most flamboyantly gay men he had ever encountered. The man was obviously Chinese, impossibly tall, and extremely thin. He was dressed in extremely stylish clothes and ridiculously clean shoes. His eyes were bright with worry (and something else. Glee? Excitement? Kyuhyun couldn’t tell.) as he reached out to help Kyuhyun up.

“… No thank you. I’m fine,” Kyuhyun said as he stood up, dirty puddle water dripping everywhere.

“But that’s what I’m here for, Kui Xian! To help you!”

“What?!” Kyuhyun stopped trying to shake his sleeve dry. “First off, if you’re going to be creepy, try and get my name right. It’s Kyuhyun, not whatever you said. And second, I said I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, Kui Xian-”


“- You are having issues coming to terms with who you are because your school peers have pressured this issue into hiding. Therefore, you are suffering mentally, emotionally, and most definitely socially. I mean, look at your skin.”

“How do you kn-”

“My name is Zhou Mi. I’m sent from… Well, from up there, ” Zhou Mi smiled sheepishly and pointed to the sky. “Basically, I’m your Fairy Godfather.”

Kyuhyun shook his head in disbelief. “You’re mental,” he said, picking up his bag and ready to start turning away. “Completely insane.”

“Really now?” Zhou Mi’s bright smile turned into a slight smirk and less then a second later, Kyuhyun’s clothes were completely dry and rid of any sign that he had been pushed. His eyes widened and he looked up at Zhou Mi, clearly thrown off. “So, I’m insane, am I?”

“How did- How did you-?!”

“I told you, Kui Xian. I’m your Fairy Godfather, here to help you come to terms with your sexual identity. You get three wishes from me, by the way. I probably should have said that at the beginning… Oh well, I some have time until I need to work out the next introduction speech.”

“Three wishes? Really? Anything I want?”

“There are some basic rules you have to follow. But yes, anything. You also get to have your own gaydar and know the three Gay Fantasies- or wait. How old are you again?”

“I’m eighteen.”

“Oh okay. Then yes, the three Gay Fantasies. If you were any younger, there would only be one for now,” he paused to laugh at his own joke.

“What are they?”

“Hold on. I’m making up this speech as I go along.”

“Making it up as you go? Oh wonderful. I get the special Fairy.”

“Actually, Kui Xian, you’re the only one with a Fairy Godfather, ever. I brought up this idea to higher ups and hand picked you myself.”

“Why me? There’s so many more who need more help than me.” Kyuhyun was confused. There was nothing important about him.

“I honestly can’t explain why. There’s just something about you that I took automatic interest in when I saw you.”

“Oh…” Kyuhyun started walking now and Zhou Mi followed, his walk slightly more girly and attention grabbing than Kyuhyun would have liked. He was already made fun of for being (possibly) gay. He didn’t need to be seen next to someone so obvious. It would just make school worse for him. “Could you… Maybe…”

“Walk less gay?” Zhou Mi smiled down at him. “I can try my best, if that’s what you’d like. It counts as a wish though.”

“… Never mind then.” Kyuhyun took two big steps in front of Zhou Mi. That should do it.

He had forgotten how tall Zhou Mi was and within seconds, they were walking side-by-side again, Zhou Mi holding his shoulder.

“You can’t be embarrassed, Kui Xian. Don’t let everyone get to you.”

Kyuhyun nodded, trying to fight the blush rising to his cheeks. Why am I blushing?

They walked for a while and ended up at a quiet coffee shop with few people inside.

“This should be good. In you go!” Zhou Mi pushed Kyuhyun into a booth near the back and sat down next to him.

“But, Zhou Mi, there’s an open-” A look from Zhou Mi stopped him. “Okay, okay.”

Within a minute, their waiter was at their table. “Hello, my name is Yesung and I’ll be serving you today. Have you guys figured out your orders yet?”

Kyuhyun looked down at the menu he hadn’t seen and back at Yesung. “If you could gi-”

“He’ll have a hot chocolate with a chocolate chip muffin. And I’ll have … Oh! I’ll have a double peppermint mochaccino with extra whipped cream and two fresh cinnamon rolls. Thank you!” Zhou Mi smiled his bright smile at Yesung, who was scribbling the orders down as fast as he could.

“Wait, wait,” Yesung said. “So, he’ll have a hot chocolate? Okay, what else did you guys want?”

Kyuhyun could feel Zhou Mi’s smiled falter as he repeated the order slowly four more times until Yesung had it all written down. He did everything he could possibly do to not snicker when the waiter walked away.

“Don’t laugh at him,” Zhou Mi chuckled out right before the both of them started laughing hysterically. The fit ended when Kyuhyun realized he was leaning completely on Zhou Mi for support and Zhou Mi somehow managed to tuck his head under Kyuhyun’s.

“Um…” He sat up right away and scratched his neck awkwardly. “So, when do you think the food will come?”

Zhou Mi didn’t answer, looking at the empty seat across from him, no sign of any expression on his face.

“Zhou Mi?”

The fairy shook his head quickly and he forced his smile back to his face. “Yes, Kui Xian?”

“…Nothing. So, what is this gaydar you mentioned?”

“Oh that! It’s very simple. It tells you how gay someone is!”

“I figured out that much,” Kyuhyun mumbled. “I meant, how does it work?”

Zhou Mi paused. “Well. First, answer this. Our waiter, gay or straight?”

“What? That’s a ridiculous question. I’m not answering it.”

“Do it or I won’t explain this to you and I’ll eat your muffin.”

Kyuhyun sent him an exasperated look and sighed. “Straight.”


“How is that wrong? It’s so obvious that he-” He was cut off as Zhou Mi placed a hand over his eyes.

“Close your eyes and count to three. After our waiter brings us our order, I want you to tell me what color he is. And don’t look at anyone until after, okay?” Zhou Mi said this all softly into Kyuhyun’s ear, as if it was the world’s biggest secret.

Kyuhyun nodded slowly, willing the slight heat he felt crawling up his neck to go away. Zhou Mi removed his hand and Kyuhyun slowly opened his eyes.

Nothing looked any different. Kyuhyun turned his head to look at Zhou Mi, but Zhou Mi covered his eyes again.

He laughed softly. “Kui Xian, I told you not to look at anyone.”

“Yeah, but I like being able to look people in the eye when I talk to them.”

“Then, don’t talk until after.”

“But, Zhou Mi-!”

“But, Kui Xian!” Zhou Mi mocked. He chuckled slightly and removed his hand. “Close your eyes and keep them shut until I say so. If you have to, put your head in your hands or something. Just don’t look at anyone.”

“Alright, fine,” Kyuhyun huffed. With that, he covered his face with his hands, an obvious scowl on his face, while Zhou Mi laughed to himself.

“Okay, he’s coming. Look to your left-” Kyuhyun smirked and started turning to his right. Zhou Mi forced his head the other way, letting out a shrill, “And only to the left!

Kyuhyun let out a loud laugh and opened his eyes. Yesung as carrying a tray that seemed like it would fall over- in fact it was tipping slightly- but that’s not why Kyuhyun’s eyes went wide.

Yesung was glowing blue. Glowing.

“Z-Zhou Mi? Zhou Mi, what the-” Kyuhyun turned to the Fairy, only to stop and stare. Zhou Mi was an even brighter blue than the waiter was. “What is this?”

“That, Kui Xian, is gaydar,” Zhou Mi smiled down at him. “The brighter and more blue someone is, the gayer they are.”

“So then, the waiter-”

“Shh,” Zhou Mi whispered just as Yesung came up to the table.

“Here’s the cranberry raisin muffin and the hot chocolate. And here are the cinnamon rolls with the pumpkin spice latté.”

Zhou Mi crinkled his nose at the latte and the muffin. “I actually ordered a chocolate chip muffin and a double peppermint mochaccino.”

Yesung’s smile fell from his face in less than a second. “You did? I’m so sorry, I’ll take these right back, and have them fixed – Free of charge and everything!”

“Thank you,” Zhou Mi handed him the orders and turned back to Kyuhyun, who was still in shock over Yesung’s glow. Zhou Mi tapped his shoulder. “Kui Xian?”

“He’s gay? He doesn’t seem like he’d ever end up with someone, never mind be gay.”

“The gaydar doesn’t lie.”

Kyuhyun looked down at himself and then looked back up at Zhou Mi. “How come I still look the same?”

“You can’t see your own glow, sadly. It’s a shame really. I think it would help out so many people if they could see what they were and-”

“Can you tell me if I’m blue?”

“… No.” Zhou Mi shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry, Kui Xian. That’s one of the few things I’m not allowed to do, and-”

“Wookie!” Yesung shouted. “Wookie, did you finish fixing those orders?”

Zhou Mi’s eyes snapped over to where Yesung was standing. “Wookie?” he repeated softly.

Kyuhyun followed Zhou Mi’s stare to the kitchen door and they both watched as a short, childlike man walked out of the room. Zhou Mi stiffened.

“What is it, Yesung?”

“I messed up that last order. Can you fix it really quick?”

“Tell me what you did.”

The two employees spoke, Kyuhyun watching. He was still amazed at the blue coming off the both of them. He turned back to Zhou Mi, ready with questions…

Only to find a note.

1)    That is the only time I will ever call you that.
2)    I had to leave for…personal reasons. I’ll meet you when I next meet you.
- Zhou Mi

P.S. - Get my order to go please? I’ve been needing those cinnamon rolls for a while now. Here’s some money, hope it covers the bill.

Kyuhyun sighed and got up, tucking the note into his bag as he went to the counter. “Excuse me?”

The two employees looked at him. “Yes?” 'Wookie' asked.

“Can I get my order to go? Something came up and I need to leave.”

“Oh, of course!”

Five minutes later, Kyuhyun was walking down the street with a bag of pastry goods and two drinks.

The entire time he was walking, he only had one thing on his mind.

When will I see him again?

Tags: fandom: super junior, pairing: kyuhyun/zhou mi, rating: pg-13
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