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oneshot; body language, the universal language (super junior/lee seunggi)

Title: Body Language, The Universal Language.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, fml.
Pairing: Lee Seung Gi/Henry
Length: 2,040 words.
A/N: Just... Just don’t ask. :| Don’t. It’s totally a real ship. It is. Watch the Strong Heart clips, you’ll see! Henry is still an awkward little boy on the inside, okay? And I think this happened because I was really horny. :|

Henry smiled to himself at a job well done on Strong Heart. He didn’t stumble over as many Koreans words as he thought he would and his performance went perfectly. But best of all? None of the laughs seemed forced. Everyone had genuinely seemed to enjoy him.

He tried not to think about Seung Gi and the overly playful banter they had over hamburgers. It sent butterflies lose in his stomach and he really didn’t want to open that door of possibilities.

Flopping down on one of the nearby couches, Henry pulled out his phone. What else did he have to keep himself busy while he waited for Eunhyuk and Shindong to leave?

“You were good out there.”

Henry looked up from his Blackberry just in time to see Seung Gi sit down. The older man grinned at Henry, who felt his cheeks turn a little pink.

“T-thanks, hyung,” he cleared his throat. Did he really have to stutter? “You were good too.”

“Yeah, but I’m always on these shows. I even host one-”

Oh, duh. Henry thought. He probably thinks I’m stupid.

“- But there are still times where I feel like I’m still new at it. We all start at that point. So, really, Henry? You did fine. Stop over thinking it all.”

Henry blinked and suddenly thought that Seung Gi was sent from God. The older man seemed to be glowing, his small smile making him even more attractive. Henry licked his lips and quickly looked away, suddenly interested in what several crewmembers were moving. Was that a church pew?

Because he was looking away, Seung Gi took the opportunity to look the violinist over. He clapped a hand down on Henry’s shoulder, making the young man jump.

“Wanna get a few drinks?”

This is how Henry found himself without his Blackberry (“Can’t have a good night out when you’re spending it looking down at your phone the whole time!” Seung Gi had chirped before pocketing the device.), without his hyung (“Don’t worry about Henry, you’ll be fine,” Shindong had said when Henry asked his fellow members to go with him.), and without any idea what to do.

Yeah, sure. Henry knew how to handle a few drinks and relax and have a good time. But he’d never had to go out to have drinks. In a club, a busy club. With a guy that made him feel like he was in 3rd grade confessing to Ellen Park.

… Well that made everything make sense.

“Fucking shit,” he muttered, staring down at the coasters on the table.

“W-what was that?” Seung Gi slurred out. They had already had a few and Henry was a little proud that he was staying sober longer.

“Huh? Oh. I said ‘chicken shit’ It really smells. But I’d really like to eat chicken right now?” …What?

Seung Gi laughed and leaned on Henry’s shoulder. He looked up at the younger boy and poked Henry’s cheek. “You’re a weird drunk, Henly -Ry. Henry.”

“I am?” Henry didn’t really feel drunk, he was just nervous. He rambled when he was nervous. And jumped completely out of his skin when someone touched his thigh. Like Seung Gi just did.

“Mmm. A really weird drunk,” Seung Gi chuckled, his fingers tracing random patterns on Henry’s thigh. They roamed from the middle of his thigh, down, and for a second, Henry thought they would drift a little too high. Before he could figure out if he liked the idea of this or not, (which judging on how his pants were getting tighter by the second, he did) Seung Gi squeezed his thigh before pulling his hand away.

Henry exhaled the breath he had been holding and chugged the rest of his drink. Seung Gi cheered him on and Henry felt his brain short-circuit when the older man’s hand slid up the back of his shirt, making small circles on the small of Henry’s back.

Shitshitshit, why is he doing this? Henry thought and the small, light touches were making his nerves catch fire and his cock hardened.

He slammed his glass down and leaped out of his seat. Seung Gi fell forward a little, his eyes surprised behind the drunken glaze.


“I, uh. I have to pee.” He pushed in his chair as he took a step back. “I’ll be back in a second, hyung.”

Henry leaned on the bathroom sink, trying to will away his erection. Every time he would get close though, his mind wandered back to the feeling of Seung Gi’s fingers on his leg and the small circles on his back.

His erection wasn’t going to go away on its own.

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Henry muttered, walking into a stall. He didn’t bother to shut the door all the way behind him as he unbuckled his belt.

“Again with the shit,” a voice sighed into his ear. “Someone would think you have a strange obsession.”

Seung Gi chuckled darkly, his arms wrapping around Henry’s waist and slipping down the Pokéball patterned boxers Henry had thrown on early that morning. He really hoped Seung Gi wouldn’t have the chance to see the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” logo on the back.

The older man’s hand wrapped around Henry’s cock, thumb swirling around the head while he slowly stroked the hardening member. Seung Gi leaned towards Henry, his lips tracing a line from the back of the younger man’s neck to Henry’s jaw line.

Henry moaned, his head falling back onto Seung Gi’s shoulder. “H-hyung, can you-”

“Go faster?” Seung Gi asked, his lips brushing against Henry’s skin. The younger man nodded and let out a needy sigh.

Seung Gi tightened his hold on Henry’s cock, his strokes getting faster and Henry’s moans coming out closer together. “Do you like that, Henry?”

Henry nodded quickly, his hips thrusting into Seung Gi’s fist. Seung Gi smirked at the younger man. Henry’s eyes were shut tight and his head was still thrown back onto Seung Gi’s shoulder.

“I can’t hear your answer,” Seung Gi whispered. His hand slowed it’s pace and Henry fidgeted. “You’ll have to say it, Henry.”

“Wha- but. But, hyung-”

“What do you want me to do?” he stopped his strokes completely and he could almost hear the shock and anger from Henry. “Do you want my hand wrapped around you like it was before? Or do you want me on my knees, your cock in my mouth-”

“Yes.” Henry was staring at Seung Gi now, his eyes wide with want. “That one.”

Seung Gi smirked. “Which one?”

Henry’s cheeks puffed up. “Seung Gi-hyung, suck me.”

Before he could even take note of the movement, Henry was against the stall door and Seung Gi was pulling down his pants and boxers.

“Pokémon, Henry? You really are as young and cute as they said you were.”

Henry groaned. “Just do it already.”

“Fine, fine.”

Seung Gi held Henry’s cock and slipped the head into his mouth. Henry moaned at the feeling of Seung Gi’s mouth around him, his fingers slipping through the older man’s hair as he tried to find something to hold on to.

Seung Gi’s tongue played with the tip of Henry’s cock, collecting precum before he started bobbing his head up and down on Henry’s length. The younger man’s grip in Seung Gi’s hair tightened and he tried pick up the agonizingly slow pace that was being set.

“Come on, more,” he grit out, meeting Seung Gi’s eyes. The older man playfully rolled his eyes and took in as much of Henry that he could. Henry felt the tip of his cock against the back of Seung Gi’s throat and let out a breathy sigh when Seung Gi swallowed around him before slowly sliding back to the head of Henry’s cock again.

The older man continued this tactic until Henry gasped, his hold on Seung Gi’s hair ridiculously tight. “S-seung Gi hyung, I’m-”

Seung Gi slid Henry all the way into his mouth again, swallowing around the younger man’s cock until Henry moaned loud enough for it to echo off the walls. The older man swallowed Henry’s cum then slowly slipped Henry’s cock out of his mouth. He met Henry’s eyes and licked his lips.

Henry felt his cock twitch at the show his hyung was giving him. This didn’t escape Seung Gi and he stood up, his own erection prominent now that Henry could focus on something. The older man pushed his pants and briefs down and Henry figured out what he had to do.

“Do you want me to...” Henry’s knees started to bend as he gave his hyung a questioning look. Seung Gi shook his head.

“Henry, what’s your favorite drink?” Seung Gi asked, smirking. Henry laughed seconds before Seung Gi pulled the younger man in for a kiss. His tongue entered the other’s mouth instantly and Henry whimpered. He could taste himself on Seung Gi’s tongue and he deepened the kiss, their teeth clacking against each other. He felt himself getting hard again and he pushed his hips against Seung Gi’s, moaning when he could feel the older man’s erection against his own.

He gasped when Seung Gi’s hands cupped his ass, fingers creeping between the crack and leaving lingering touches where they could.

“Relax,” Seung Gi murmured , his tongue flicking against Henry’s lips. “It’ll feel worse if you don’t.”

Henry nodded, absorbing himself in the kiss again and tried his best to relax. He froze when he felt a finger enter him, thrusting in and out.

“Henry, relax.” Seung Gi’s other hand wrapped around Henry’s cock, his pace keeping up with the one his finger was making.

Henry groaned against Seung Gi’s collarbone when the other man pushed another finger in. He stretched Henry, scissoring the fingers before adding a third. Henry moaned when Seung Gi’s fingers brushed against a sensitive spot, his hips pushing back against them to try and get more.

“Fuck,” he moaned. “J-just- Hyung just fuck me.”

Seung Gi grinned and turned Henry around, pushing his front against the door. He removed his fingers and bent down to grab a condom out of his pants. He slipped it on and held Henry’s hips before pushing the head against Henry’s ass.

“You sure you’re ready?” he asked, same concern in his voice.

“Yes, come on.”

Seung Gi thrust into Henry, holding still for a bit and giving Henry time to adjust. The younger man nodded and pushed back against Seung Gi. The older man pushed his cock further into Henry.

“Shit Henry. You’re tight,” he groaned. He pulled back and thrust again, setting a fast pace that Henry gladly kept up with. He stroked Henry’s cock in time with the rhythm they were setting while admiring how eagerly Henry thrust back against him.

“Harder,” Henry whimpered. “Please, I need it harder.”

Well, Seung Gi wasn’t expecting this out of Henry. He had thought the younger man wouldn’t even want to go this far, never mind taking it harder. But he wasn’t going to deny Henry, so he thrust harder into the violinist.

Henry moaned loudly when Seung Gi hit that spot again. He got louder each time Seung Gi hit it and finally, he could feel himself ready to cum again. And he did, all over the stall door and his stomach.

Seung Gi came while Henry leaned forward, head on his arm while Seung Gi thrust through his own orgasm. He finished, leaning on Henry’s back and he sucked on the nape of Henry’s neck, arms around the younger man’s waist.

“So, we should meet up again when you can,” Seung Gi said on the way out of the bar. He slipped Henry’s Blackberry into the younger man’s back pocket, his hand lingering a second more than it would have before they drank that night.

Henry blushed, but nodded. “Yeah, sure. Can I get your numb-”

“Already in your phone. Call me whenever, Henry.” Seung Gi pulled Henry into a nearby alley and kissed him. He pulled away, scratching the back of his neck. “You’re pretty cute, Henry... For guy. I’d like to see you again?”

Henry smiled and leaned back in to Seung Gi for another kiss. They could always get another cab, right?

Tags: fandom: crossover, fandom: super junior, pairing: lee seunggi/henry, rating: nc-17
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